Fuji GFX100

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I'm currently in Tempe (Phoenix), Arizona. Here I got myself a Sigma SD Quattro H (APS-H camera, with a Foveon sensor) to compliment my Nikon D810 (full-frame camera). I got a nice Art lens for the SD Quattro H too. Now I have a Fuji GFX100 camera coming. I swung a deal. This is my first truly high-resolution digital camera. I'm looking for affordable lenses on eBay and other places. I think I might end up with a Pentax SMC 45-85mm f4.5 zoom lens for 645 (6 cm x 4.5 cm format), and possibly a couple more, older Pentax lenses - a 165mm f2.8 Takumar 6x7 prime and an SMC Pentax A 80-160mm f4.5 zoom for 645. I'll need to get two different adapters to mount and use those lenses. All told they should be less expensive than one good Fuji GF mount lens. Still, I plan to get a 20-35, 45-100, and 110 f2 lens in GF mount (all Fuji lenses). I currently have a Pentax 135mm f4 macro 6x7 lens for my Nikon, which will remain useful as a lens to mount on my Fuji medium format camera, as will the Pentax 165mm f2.8 6x7 lens, so I'll probably sell the 45-85 when I get the Fuji 45-100 lens.

Enough of this equipment talk!


What I plan to do with the medium format equipment that I'm getting is produce photos that look better when printed extra large (i.e. 4 feet by 6 feet or bigger). Currently I don't use any camera with a tilt screen, so I will be happy to have that feature in my camera once more. (I miss having that, from when I used my Sony cameras.) Another interesting thing about the Fuji is the tilting viewfinder. No other camera that I have been shooting with for the past few years has had a tilting viewfinder, but there is an optional attachment that will allow me to make the viewfinder of my GFX100 into a tilting viewfinder. I'll be getting that this year for sure!

So this is the first post of my new blog. You'd think I would have posted something here a long time ago, huh? Considering how long I've been shooting and all the posts I've made in other places (over 18,000 at DPreview alone), I certainly SHOULD have started a blog here long ago.


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