Welcome to my blog, started in 2023 (finally). Here I will tell you some stories about what I am up to, such as equipment I'm testing or bought, photo shoots I have coming up, just did, or failed at, trips I'm on, wants, desires, etc.

First shots with GFX100

October 05, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
Yesterday my first adapter for my medium format camera came in the mail. I attached it, and last night and this morning I shot some photos with my Helios 58mm f2 lens. Here are a few samples and a shot of what the camera looks like. As you can see in this photo above, the lens is very small. It's metal and glass, so it is light, but not super li...
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My Fuji GFX100 arrived, and it works!

September 29, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
Unfortunately I can't shoot photos with it yet, because I don't have any lenses or adapters for it yet. I had trouble buying adapters on eBay, so a friend told me he would buy one for me. I sent him a link to it. Hopefully it will come soon, and I can use my Asahi (Pentax) 6x7 lens on it (a 135mm f4 macro), and as a side-affect (or maybe you'd call...
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Fuji GFX100

September 21, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
I'm currently in Tempe (Phoenix), Arizona. Here I got myself a Sigma SD Quattro H (APS-H camera, with a Foveon sensor) to compliment my Nikon D810 (full-frame camera). I got a nice Art lens for the SD Quattro H too. Now I have a Fuji GFX100 camera coming. I swung a deal. This is my first truly high-resolution digital camera. I'm looking for afforda...
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I am a versatile photographer who shoots portraits, landscapes, nature, art, and more. Scott Barton KennellyScottHere I was on Lighthouse Reef in the out islands of Belize. I always liked this photo of myself, even though it's blurry. It's a crop from a photo someone in my family shot.
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