Below are the various services and rates, for which I shoot and/or edit video for clients. Keep in mind that I have a policy of flexibility, so my rates and services offered is by no means an exhaustive list. You might have a project that makes sense for me, so I may be able to help you with financing, to make the video more affordable, or you might need my help in other ways, for which I am likely to be receptive or helpful. Just contact me, and we'll both see. It can't hurt to get in touch with me to see what the possibilities might be, right?


Promo Video for model Victoria MorganA slideshow video that I made with photos I shot in the Florida panhandle a few years back.



Short TV commercial = $50
Long TV commercial = $100
2-3 minute promo video = $150
3-5 minute promo video = $200
5-10 minute promo video = $300
Wedding video (~15 minutes) = $500
Infomercial/instructional video = $1,000
TV pilot (45 minutes) = $1,500
Movie (up to 2 hours) = $3,000


$50 per hour


When considering the number of hours involved, my editing rates work out to less than $50 per hour (sometimes much less). It is of course, impossible to know how long it will take to edit any particular video, because there is a variety of possible variables that would affect how long it takes to render the final video, such as the number of cuts required, the length of original video, conversion requirements (if necessary), resolution of the final video, frame rate and compression level required, etc. Therefore, without a list of rates like the one above there would be no way for me to predict the cost for a client. This means that my own hourly rate will be quite varied. I realize that in the long run my hourly "wage" will be suitable for my needs, though in some cases I will actually make less than minimum wage, no doubt. This is just part of the business. You win some, and you lose some. That's the way it goes, and I'm fine with that. The way I look at it is the work is a reflection on me. I'm always building my portfolio, and frankly I won't be losing any money by working a few extra hours to get a project done right.

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