I shoot and edit video. I can edit your videos, do video conversions, prepare videos for YouTube, etc. My videography and video editing services are a good value, because I do not charge a lot of money. I do pretty simple, straight-forward stuff - no high-end compositing or exotic movie industry work. Below are some simple examples of videos I have created in the past. Click here to visit the video services page.


Best Western PromoThis video is a promotional slide-show for a local Best Western hotel, which I created a few years ago.

Videos vary in cost from $50 to $500 or more, depending on the finished length of the final video, whether or not you need special services (i.e. video conversion from old tapes or film), voice-over, advanced titles and credits or subtitles, dubbing, original music, etc. My video editing is pretty simple, straight-forward work. I generally do not do special effects, advanced compositing, or animation, but if you need these services I may be able to help you get it done. Remember though . . . a 30 second video to be aired during the Super Bowl might cost more than $100,000 to produce. The editing and special affects for such a TV commercial could be many thousands of dollars . . . not $100, like my long TV commercials cost.

I can shoot video and/or photos to provide original content for a TV commercial, video of your family, company promo, music video for you or your band, promo reel for an actor, etc.

See more videos in the videos gallery.