Want a photo shoot? Want to join me on a shoot? I offer myself at a day rate, and I do workshops and photo tours. Learn more below . . .

If you want me to shoot photos of you or for you, I shoot at a day rate of $250 per day. That's it. Whether I shoot for two hours, three hours, or five hours, that's all you pay - $250.



Winter Fine Art Nude and Glamor Workshop

I will be hosting a glamor and fine art nude photography workshop in mid-November, 2017. This all-day workshop will take place in a south Florida studio. The three models who we will be shooting are going to be visiting from out of state. The cost will be $299 per photographer (limited to 6 photographers).

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December Fine Art Nude Workshop

I will be hosting an all-day fine-art and glamor photography workshop one day in the second week of November. This workshop will be held in south Florida, and we'll be shooting photos of one model. We may end up shooting on my sailboat and on a remote island beach, south of Biscayne Bay. The cost will be $149 per person (limited to 5 photographers). If you're interested, please contact me by calling 305-791-3551 or using my contact page here on my site. If you get sea sick, please get some Dramamine and take one before getting on the boat.

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Photo Tours

Northeast Fall Photo Tour

I'll be taking a three week trip to the northeast in the last week of October and first week of November, 2017. If you're interested, I will be taking reservations in early October and I'll need the rest by the 15th of October. We will most likely leave Sunday, October 22nd and return Sunday, November 12th. The reservation fee is $100 per person (limited to 3 photographers). We'll be shooting waterfalls, lakes, and mountain streams in the forests of the northeastern U.S. (Most likely we'll also find some covered bridges and some old grist mills and barns too.) We may visit Boston, New York, and Washington D.C. I'll be showing photographers how to shoot, scout locations, plan out day trips and other excursions, and post-process images. I'll be giving advice for shooting from various angles and setting the best exposure for various situations.

The total cost of this three week excursion will be $900 per person (double occupancy - two will have to share per hotel room). That's just $300 per week! Attendees will be purchasing their own meals for breakfasts (for those who want breakfast - the hotels we stay at are likely to be including some sort of continental breakfast), and to have a private hotel room there will be an extra cost (for those who don't want to share a room with someone else). I'll be paying for the gas and other travel expenses for the drive from Miami to Maine and back again. Yes, this includes food, such as lunches at Subway, McDonald's, or Chipotlé, dinners at places like Chili's, Cracker Barrel, and Outback, and snacks like bananas, apples, carrots, and pretzels (alcoholic drinks not included, but plenty of bottled water will be included). I'll be paying for any tolls to cross bridges, drive on turnpikes, etc.

We will be camping out a few nights (probably 3 or 4 nights), so bring a sleeping bag. I'll be providing the tents. This is so we can shoot late in the evening (even during the night) and early in the morning, before we would normally check out of a hotel. You'll see - having to go back to a hotel in order to check out of our rooms is a hassle to be avoided.

Upon arrival in Maine, we'll be shooting as much as possible. Maine is a beautiful place, and in the Fall it's even more beautiful. We'll head south to Boston, and then we'll head west to Vermont to catch the end of the fall colors there. Then we'll head south, eventually ending up in the mountains of North Carolina, South Carolina, and northern Georgia, as we follow the Fall color change over a two week period. One place I want to shoot is going to be a surprise, but it is a colorful underground waterfall, which I've been wanting to shoot for years now, so we'll take a day excursion to go shoot there on our way back to Florida.

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Total Eclipse 2019

I'm planning to host an eclipse photography tour in Chile in the last couple days of June and the first few days of July in 2019. We will be landing/meeting in Santiago, Chile on June 29th, and from there we will head north to San Felipe to check into our hotel, where we will be staying that night. You can meet me at the airport at 5:00 p.m. or meet us at the hotel some time that evening. Obviously you need to get yourself to Santiago, Chile on or before June 29, 2019 in order to meet up with me/us for this photo tour. The next morning, after we check out of the hotel, we will head up the coast to La Serena, the closest major city to the shoot location. We'll stay in a hotel in La Serena that night. The next day, July 1st, we will head out to the desert, where we will shoot some fashion, glamor and fine-art photos with a model, shoot some desert landscapes, and then select a location for shooting the eclipse the next afternoon. To prepare for shooting the eclipse, we will shoot the sunset that evening from the location. That night we'll camp out at the location, while we set up to shoot the eclipse just before sunset on the afternoon of July 2nd (that next day). After the first day of shooting in the desert, the day prior to shooting the eclipse, we'll be shooting night scenes as we camp in the desert, including starscapes (wide field astrophotography) and some long exposure deep space photos of nebulae and galaxies. This may go on all night, because we'll be camping out in the desert, where there are perfectly clear night skies, and most of us will be amazed by the stars. Remember that this will be the southern hemisphere, and night skies will look a little different from the way they look in the northern hemisphere.

It gets very cold in the desert at night (especially at that time of year - middle of winter), but the temperature is nice and warm in the daytime. We will all need long pants (or overalls) and sweaters. I suggest everyone bring a jacket for when we're shooting at night. I'm going to have some gloves too (like snow skiing gloves). We'll each need a good, 4 lb. sleeping bag too. I'll be taking my mummy bag (a freezing temperature sleeping bag) and a package of heating bags like these: Grabber Mega Warmers

The deposit for this photo tour will be $250 per person (limited spots available), and the rest will be due by July 1st, 2018. This is because hotel rooms will fill up far in advance of the actual event and need to be paid for many months in advance. The total cost will be $2,500 per person for the trip. Flights are not included, but everything else, like tents, vehicle rental, gas, hotel rooms, and food is included (except your visa for entry into Chile, and your photography equipment, clothes, other personal items, alcoholic drinks, etc.). We will be shooting photos of the total eclipse, but we'll also be shooting fine art, fashion, and glamor photos with a model in the desert too, so obviously I will be providing the model and transport too and from the desert location. I'll be bringing a telescope with a sun filter. Don't forget your own sun filter for your lens/telescope.

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