These videos show my old Yamaha G3 grand piano, which is for sale. Call me at 305-791-5331 if you're interested in buying it.

This first video shows how the piano sounds before tuning:

DSC_8400This video shows that all the keys on my Yamaha G3 piano are working, and how they sound before tuning in 2021.

Tuning the piano:

TuningYamahaG3This video shows the Yamaha G3 being tuned in 2021.

Here is how the keys sound after tuning:

Yamaha G3 piano - playing all keys after tuningThis is how the keys of the Yamaha G3 grand piano sound about an hour after it was tuned in 2021.

This video below shows the piano playing itself:

DSC_2190This video shows my Yamaha G3 piano playing itself.